Why Websites?

We would love to see every company in South Africa on the internet as we are tired of searching for South African companies on the web only to find companies from every other country other than SA. Thus, we offer affordable website design and hosting solutions.

Please do not judge our ability from our site as we are still busy developing our site but find that we are kept busy designing other sites that we do not get much time to spend on our own. Please visit the sites below to see some of our work.

Hope we are able to help you get a web presence soon.

Tracy & Karen

What we do

We do both static HTML/ASP websites and Content Management System (CMS) websites. The CMS website is slightly more expensive to setup but you will be able to update the content and photos on your site going forward, thus saving money on paying for additional changes to your website.

We strive to get get all the sites we design on the 1st page on a search but can not guarantee it as search engine rankings depend on many factors, one of which is frequent updates. You need to remember that a website is like a printed advert, if you don'y hand it out, it will not work for you. Likewise, you need to promote your website via emails, newsletters, printed adverts and/or adverts (free and paid) on the various websites on the internet.

How Much?

Depending on what is required, we can design a website from R2800.00. All work will be quoted for and needs to be accepted in writing and a 50% deposit paid before we will begin any work.

Most websites can be hosted from R70pm (includes 2 email accounts). Large / complex sites may cost more.

Please contact us at